DownloadMR is a portable software which acts like download manager facilitating the downloading of applications in the process offering 
    other optional applications of interest to the user.

DownloadMR® is a portable software that runs and facilitates the download of applications and other optional ones, in within the same process.

DownloadMR® smart technology allows end-users to visualize and download different applications, depending on their specific geographic location they are connecting from.

DownloadMR® can be easily implemented by those developers who need a download interface for their apps, as well as by webmasters who run software download sites.

DownloadMR® does not install on the user's PC, since it works as a portable software.

Our technical team review all applications run by DownloadMR® to check that their quality and content are safe. We do not allow in our DownloadMR® any malware, spyware, virus, pirate software, adult or sensitive content.

What are the benefits of using DownloadMR?

Used as a download interface, DownloadMR® can significantly improve the user experience and help monetize the complementary applications that are offered to users within the main download process.