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10 Important Tips for Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition You Need to Know - One of the most popular games of all time for the Android platform is none other than Minecraft! A crazy game that consumes hours of our time! Here are 10 Minecraft playing tips that you must read to become a Minecraft expert.

1. Start by chopping trees.

When you first play Minecraft, you definitely won't have anything to build with. The sun will set, and when it gets dark, you'll die. So before you die, do this simple thing - chop down trees around you. This way, you'll get wooden blocks, also don't forget to hit the ground and sand so you'll have enough resources by the end of the day.

2. Start crafting!

With the wooden blocks you have now, try crafting. The crafting menu is the 3-circle symbol in your inventory menu. Turn those wooden blocks into wooden planks. After you have some wooden planks, turn those planks into sticks!

3. Make sure you make your tools.

With the wooden planks mentioned above, you can make your crafting table. This is where the fun begins. You can make wooden tools like wooden axes, wooden shovels, and more. Axes can cut wood faster than your bare hands. Shovels make it easier for you to dig compared to your bare hands.

4. There are glitches in the iPad version of Minecraft:

  • Sugar floats in water. You can place sugar on top of snow, place another sugar next to it, and the first one will disappear.
  • Build a tower at the edge of the world and you can walk on the edge of the world. Don't walk too far or Minecraft will crash.
  • In creative mode and survival mode, if you destroy a block with a torch or ladder on top of it, the block will change into something you can pick up.
  • You can't place torches on fences.

5. Know the difference between Survival Mode and Creative Mode:

Survival mode:

You have to survive monster attacks and build your own house.

Creative mode:

You have unlimited items and tools, your imagination is the limit of your world. Plus, you can fly in this game mode.

Make sure what mode you want before playing too far.

6. Build structures that defy gravity!

As long as the blocks you place are still attached to other blocks, they won't fall even if they are upside down, meaning you can build upside-down buildings!

7. How to duplicate all your items:

You need 2 smartphones or tablets with Minecraft installed on both. Put the items you want to duplicate into the box. Then with both gadgets, select the item from the box at the same time. If done correctly, you will have 2 of the same item. Keep repeating if you fail.

8. Don't be afraid to die!

Just climbed a mountain to see the view from the top? Don't feel like going down? Just jump down! Don't worry too much about your life in this game.

9. Don't dig your own grave.

Often tempted to dig deep into the ground? It's better not to dig too deep or you'll forever be stuck in the ground and unable to get out!

10. Other weird and crazy tips:

  • Don't forget to bring a charger, 3D games drain batteries a lot.
  • Get used to the controls in the game.
  • Tap and hold items to throw them away.
  • Know the difference between dangerous and non-dangerous groups. Dangerous groups will follow you, non-dangerous groups will just stay still.
  • Feeling threatened? Turn on peaceful mode in the options menu.
  • Know how to use armor for self-protection.
  • If you're looking for gems, spawn far below ground near rocks.

Those are the tips for Minecraft this time. For those who don't have the game yet, just download it directly from here. It's free, it's available in the Minecraft tools section.

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