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Enchantment Guide for Minecraft Pocket Edition - Welcome back, Minecrafters! Today, I'll be talking about enchanting. Yes, I'll discuss when enchanting was added to MCPE and its significance. Enchanting adds special abilities to tools and armor in MCPE and can be done using Enchantment Tables and Anvils.

Enchanting Using Enchantment Tables requires experience levels and Lapis Lazuli. At the Enchantment Table, we're presented with three enchanting options, each with different level costs.

Enchanting Using Anvils only requires Enchanted Books that have been enchanted at the Enchantment Table or obtained through fishing. We can also upgrade enchantments on our tools or armor if we have the same enchantment level on the armor or tool as the Enchanted Book.

Types of Enchantments


Sharpness/Power V: Increases damage with each level.

Bane of Arthropods-V: Slows down Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Silverfish.

Smite-V: Increases damage against Zombies.

Fire Aspect-II/Flame-I: Ignites monsters and can activate TNT (Bow only).

Knockback/Punch-II: Increases knockback with each level.

Looting-III: Increases monster drops and the chance of rare item drops.

Unbreaking-III: Increases durability.

Infinity-I: Allows infinite shooting with Bow (only requires 1 Arrow).


Silk Touch-I: Allows picking up the block itself (e.g., Grass Block, Stone, etc.).

Fortune-III: Increases drop rate with each level.

Efficiency-V: Increases mining speed.

Unbreaking-III: Increases durability.

Lure-III: Speeds up fish catching (Fishing Rod only).

Luck of the Sea-III: Increases chances of getting items while fishing (Fishing Rod only).


Protection-IV: Reduces damage from monsters.

Blast Protection-IV: Reduces explosion damage.

Fire Protection-IV: Reduces burning effects and duration.

Projectile Protection-IV: Reduces arrow and fireball damage.

Thorns-III: Inflicts damage on attackers.

Feather Falling-IV: Reduces fall damage.

Respiration-III: Increases underwater breathing time.

Aqua Affinity-I: Allows normal mining speed underwater.

Depth Strider-III: Increases movement speed in water.

Additional Information:

Enchanted items emit a purple-blue light effect.

You can only have one of Sharpness, Smite, or Bane of Arthropods enchantments on your sword.

In Minecraft PC version, there's an enchantment called Mending, where experience gained from killing monsters or mining minerals can repair item durability.

Enchantment adds a new dimension to the gaming experience in Minecraft Pocket Edition. With the ability to enhance tools, weapons, and protection, players can tailor their playing style and strategies. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, mastering the art of enchanting can greatly enhance your survival adventure and exploration in the Minecraft block world.

Question and Answer:

  • Q: What is Enchantment in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)?
  • A: Enchantment is the process of adding special abilities to tools and protection in MCPE, enhancing their performance and effectiveness in various situations.

  • Q: How do you perform Enchantment in MCPE?
  • A: Enchantment can be done using Enchantment Tables and Anvils. Enchantment Tables require experience levels and Lapis Lazuli, while Anvils require Enchanted Books previously enchanted.

  • Q: What types of Enchantment are available in MCPE?
  • A: There are various types of Enchantments for weapons, tools, and protection. Examples of Enchantment for weapons include Sharpness, Smite, and Fire Aspect, while for tools there are Efficiency, Silk Touch, and Fortune.

  • Q: What are the uses of Enchantment for weapons in MCPE?
  • A: Enchantment for weapons can increase damage, add special effects such as igniting monsters or slowing down spiders, and increase the chance of getting items from monsters.

  • Q: What about Enchantment for tools in MCPE?
  • A: Enchantment for tools like Efficiency increases mining speed, while Fortune increases the chance of getting additional drops from mined blocks.

  • Q: What Enchantment options are available for protection in MCPE?
  • A: Protection Enchantments like Protection, Blast Protection, and Fire Protection reduce damage from monsters, explosions, and burning effects respectively.

  • Q: Are there any additional useful information about Enchantment in MCPE to know?
  • A: Enchanted items emit a purple-blue light effect, and there are also special Enchantments like Mending in the Minecraft PC version that can repair item durability using experience gained from gameplay.

Enchantment adds depth to the gameplay experience in Minecraft Pocket Edition, allowing players to customize their gear and enhance their gameplay effectiveness. With a deeper understanding of Enchantment mechanics, players can maximize their potential and enjoy a more immersive adventure in the blocky world of Minecraft.

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