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Tips and Tricks Cool Features for Your Home Minecraft Pocket Edition - In Minecraft, a home isn't just a shelter but can be turned into a main headquarters with the right additions. Here are some examples of features you can add to your home!

In Minecraft, the house we build isn't just a place for protection but also serves as the main base of our operations. In addition to the essential equipment in a Minecraft house, we can also add features that will make our home function more like a main base.

1. Beacon Towers

For those who don't know, in Minecraft, the levels in each game are extremely vast. Sometimes they are even limitless because the level is generated as we play the game. So, it's very easy to get lost in Minecraft, and there's a big chance we won't be able to find our house again if we explore too far. This is where beacon towers can be extremely useful if we don't want to lose our house. Beacon towers can be built very simply using blocks of dirt or sand or any material that isn't too important.

What needs to be considered in building beacon towers is that they should be visible both day and night. Use objects or blocks that emit light to make the tower easily visible. Don't be too stingy with torches to make the tower stand out more. The location should also be considered, placing the tower on a high hill will make it easier to spot from various places.

Beacon towers are not only useful for marking your home but can also be used as navigation points to explore the surrounding environment and ensure we don't get lost in the wilderness of Minecraft.

2. Watchtowers

Unlike beacon towers, watchtowers serve as a place to watch over the area around our house to detect if there are monsters or creepers nearby. Besides that, with watchtowers, we can also get to know the surrounding area better to learn about landmarks that can prevent us from getting lost.

Unlike beacon towers, watchtowers don't need to be too tall and conspicuous. It's a good idea to make watchtowers stand out too by using torches so we can see them from afar, but what needs to be remembered is that if we make watchtowers too tall, it will be harder to shoot monsters from the top of the tower, and indeed because watchtowers require more basic materials like stairs and fences, it will take longer to build compared to beacon towers.

Watchtowers can also be strategic observation points to see enemy movements and keep our home safe from unexpected attacks.

3. Emergency Doors

As I mentioned before, there are indeed many monsters roaming around especially at night, and often we encounter creepers right in front of our house door. This is where emergency doors can be very useful.

In essence, emergency doors are secondary doors that we can use as alternatives to the front door. We can make as many emergency doors as we want, and it will even make it easier for us to find our own home if we mark each emergency door using some kind of marker whether hidden or openly. Emergency doors can even be made hidden, for example by digging a pond and connecting it to an underground passage that connects to our house.

Emergency doors are a smart way to protect ourselves from enemy attacks when we can't use the main door of the house.

4. Mining Caves

In the game Minecraft, mining is one of the most important aspects. There are many minerals that we can find in this game. Each mineral has its own characteristics, such as coal that can be used as fuel or to make torches. Or for example, redstone dust can be used to make powered rails that can move minecarts.

In our own home, we can dig mines and if we're lucky we can find large mineral caves right below our own house and this can make our progress in Minecraft develop more rapidly because we don't have to leave the house to find rare minerals.

Mining caves are invaluable resources for Minecraft players who want to collect a variety of minerals for crafting and construction purposes.

5. Lava Pits

Sometimes when we've been playing Minecraft for a long time, we can see that materials that we don't really need will pile up in our inventory. One way to get rid of materials that we don't need is either by burning them using flint and steel or by throwing them into lava.

There is a risk of causing a house fire when lighting a fire inside our house, and if we can build some kind of container made of cobblestone to put a block of lava using an ember then we will have a "trash can" where we can dispose of items that are useless in our inventory.

Lava pits are an effective solution for disposing of unwanted items and keeping our house tidy without the risk of fire.

By implementing these features in your Minecraft home, you can increase its effectiveness and comfort. Additionally, you can also develop your creativity.

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